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Each engagement is personalized for the client to acheive the greatest benefit.


Digital Organization

Personal data like pictures, video, and documents are some of most precious moments captured digitally. After a digital organization engagement, a cloud backup service will provide centralized access to these files from any device, and you'll be trained on how to continue these best practices moving forward.


Inbox Cleanup

An overwhelming inbox can be difficult to know where to begin to get organized. The benefits of inbox cleanup is a reduction in junk mail, carry out the most common actions automatically, and utilize mailbox tools to effectively locate important information when you need it. This engagement is a minimum of 2-3 weeks.


Logins & Security LevelUp

Unique, complex passwords with multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the recommended level of login security. The benefits of the "1Up" is to implement a password management application and enable MFA where available. This engagement typically lasts multiple days, depending on the number of logins.


About Esquire IT

Since 2013, Esquire IT has been providing personalized technology advice, solutions, and training to help casual users, small business owners, and non-profits. Beginning 2020, Esquire IT found a niche in digital decluttering and organization - helping many get over anxiety and focus on using technology to enrich their daily lives.

What is Digital Decluttering?

Digital decluttering is more than cleaning up your Windows desktop and emptying the recycle bin. It’s a lifestyle change that can help you become a more productive person - and probably help reduce some of your technology challenges. A quick search of “digital declutter” online will yield thousands of results dating back years. It’s very common to feel overwhelmed with all the technology devices we have and all the logins we need to remember. Pressing pause to get it in order can also feel scary with the busy lives we have.

How can Esquire IT help me get organized?

My process is simple, but effective: Personalize and apply proven organization techniques for you. I will teach you as I go, so you have the opportunity to learn and continue after our engagement is complete. I can assist in the following areas:

  • Data organization and synchronization
  • Cloud backup
  • Inbox cleanup
  • Login Management with Security LevelUp
  • Personalized IT Training


For more information or a personalized assessment, contact me directly.

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