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Smart Home: Does your home recognize you yet?

Nest Smart Thermostat

It seems like something out of a science fiction movie depicting the future. But the basics of this concept are here. Imagine your home knows that you are getting ready for work, so it opens the shades when your alarm goes off. As you’re exiting the shower, you can smell the coffeemaker brewing a fresh pot of coffee. And as you head off to work, it shuts off all the lights and TV, turns the air up, and arms your security system.  It’s like having a personal assistant – and it’s all capable today through the power of smart homes.

Don’t worry – this article doesn’t go into the complexities of all of the scenarios above, I will focus on some of the biggest benefits of a smart home to encourage you to begin your foray into this space. 

First, let’s start with connecting devices.

Connected energy controls have been in use by building management companies for decades. With smart home products like Ecobee thermostatsHue lights, and TP-Link outlets, you could see similar types of savings for smaller homes.  Between energy company rebates and these potential savings, the costs are slightly offset. When applicable, use a licensed contractor for installation. Have an upcoming renovation? That’s the ideal time to upgrade to smart home products.  

Next, let’s take control through our voice.

Connected devices allow you to expand your control, whether it’s through a mobile app or a voice assistant (Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or OK Google). Some devices allow control through the internet,  which means this you could be anywhere in the world – as long as you have a data connection. When heading on vacation, we can ensure all the lights are off from the Uber on the way to the airport.  

Finally, let’s make your smart home smart.

If you’re like me, sunlight or lamps will wake me up. I programmed our smart lights to turn on the same time my morning alarm goes off. Most weekdays we go to the office, so the lights turn off automatically (just in case we leave any on). In the winter, we have a light scheduled to turn on with sunset for the dog. And everyone’s favorite: when it’s “movie time”, the TV changes to Amazon Prime and the living room lights are dimmed.  

Two custom routines I set for our smart home.
Two custom routines I setup for our smart home.

As you begin to expand your smart home to include more connected products, leverage Apple Home or Google Home or IFTTT to allow these devices to communicate with each other. The possibilities are limitless and customizable to your lifestyle.  

Sample IFTTT applet
Using IFTTT, you can expand your connected home capabilities.

Stay tuned for upcoming tips regarding how to smart home devices, scenes, and routines can help make your life easier.

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