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Video-Conferencing Attendee Quick Start Guides

Video Conferencing has grown in popularity due to restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Luckily, there are many, many options available to conduct video-conferencing, for business or with friends and family; paid and free. Below are guides I have created to help those new to some of these tools get started and stay connected.

These are intended for attendees only, not organizers. For more detailed information, please consult the support section of the appropriate application.

Zoom Meeting

Zoom is the widely popular video-conferencing tool. They offer a free version that has some limitations, but could meet the needs of most people just starting out.


GoToMeeting is a product of LogMeIn and provides some powerful capabilities. There is no free option (apart from a trial period).


Skype is used globally and available free of charge from Microsoft. (Note: This is not Skype for Business, which is part of some Office 365 packages.)

  • Coming Soon!


This application is a personal favorite for conversing with friends and family. It is a free application and includes some games you can play with other attendees (up to 8). Full features are available on your mobile phone, but if you’re just looking for a group video-chat, then it’s available on MacOS and Google Chrome browser.


There’s plenty others out there, some that I discovered just this morning. Fortunately these are all pretty similar in capabilities; but unfortunately do not work with each other. So gather your closest friends, pick one, sign up and jump right in.

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  1. karen mcmanus

    Thank you “B” for the Chevy Chase at Home session on Zoom. It was very useful and your voice projected ( i have hearing issues so this was great)

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